Thursday, October 26, 2006

nite escapade

in more ways than one.

Having been seriously deprived of my jogs due to the prolonged haze, tis bemusedtots was elated to see the air clear for once last night, thanks to the long awaited downpour. Proceeded to go for a nice long run in the night from via the Siglap Park Connector to ECP, all eagerness to fulfill that jogging crave.

There's just a therapeutic sense of freedom that comes with pounding the gravel as the cool night breeze tingles on the skin, while songs and chatter from late night radio serves as white noise and company. I so missed that.

It was perfect - almost.

Was all prepared to run as far as I could go, yet the last stretch of route at the beach was just too deserted and ominous, where the only occasional cyclist(s) or passer-bys were of the 'foreign talent' ethnic. The imagination started to act up, and images of Crime Watch footage started flashing in my mind. The look in the eyes of some of those 'dark ones' whom I run past did not reassure either. I could feel myself starting to freak out, and made the quick decision not to be foolhardy. With that, I made a sharp turn off the track and sprinted to the main road to cab home.

It was a heart pounding experience indeed. But NOT of the good kind.

So there, I'm left wanting more. But concluded that playing safe is infinitely more important than challenging one's physical limits. There are some comfort levels that are just not meant to be pushed. And it's times like these that I wish I was a guy. Sigh.

It was a good run nonetheless, and there will come a better time. For now, the gym shall continue to be my best workout option. Boring it may be, but brightly lit and safe it is, and the peace of mind from that is unbeatable.

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