Sunday, August 13, 2006

ketchup, i like

A good catch-up session with chums is always soul-satisfying.

So my weekend was uber-satisfying, cos I had two of those.


Friday nite, met up with enirrac for a long-delayed sesh. Over munchies and drinks, we yakked and updated each other on 'status', ongoings and other random stuff. A girly date that was thoroughly relished.

Then, Sat afternoon was a 'local delights potluck' over at IvanC's place, to meet up just before the bro flies off to Dubai for six months' work. To ensure he had his fill of all his fav sing(ful) dishes we got him various dishes from his 'top-ten list', pigging out on carrot cake, chicken rice, chwee kuey, fried kway teow, oyster omelette and rojak. Desserts were kueh tutu, tau hway, mua chee and grass jelly. Scarily, we actually came real close to finishing everything on the table, as we laughed, chatted and joked, not to forget getting exasperated that the guy seemed clueless over details of his posting, when he's supposed to fly off like next week?!

Oh, we even thoughtfully brought his 'replacement' for a handover, so as to fill in during his absence, courtesy of itzjuzme! Haha.

Presenting.. Fluffy - The Replacement. :p

Cute huh? Teehee.


Anonymous said...

it was indeed great catching up :) apologies tho tt the nite ended kinda on a bad note. we'll do drinks again soon ya? *winks

b.muse said...

Yup! Let's do!! :)