Thursday, August 10, 2006

hage-too-oh baby

Unlike running, which induces an euphoric high at completing the distance, and surviving the experience, I just lurrrvve swimming.

It's my fav cardio anytime. Blading/skating comes in second, followed by running.

Then again, my choices are v much limited, considering that I'm a safety hazard when I attempt to cycle, and have no ball-sense when it comes to games like table tennis, volleyball or badminton. :p The only one I'm not entirely hopeless at is b-ball, but I've got no kakis to play tat with, since it's not a v girly thing, and most of my gal frens are not much of b-ball fan either. Hah.

But ya, I love immersing myself in all those hydrogen and oxygen, and I like that it's the one sport that doesn't leave you all sticky and sweaty. Yeah, I can be such a princess, which is the same reason why I'm a gym bunny too.

Been swimming more often recently, and made me realise just how much I missed it. When the world just seems to quieten down, and my strokes even out, such that it's a almost streamlined glide through all that soothing blue.

I may be getting hooked.


Anonymous said...

it's all good for your back and muscles. and works the abs. be addicted!

b.muse said...

Heh, coming from a fellow swim-fan huh? Yeah I love that it's minimal impact on my joints too!

Definitely planning to up my frequency and laps.. :)

Anonymous said...

I like the peace of mind that comes with swimming.

Nothing else, and you're free to contemplate upon those freewheeling thoughts that hide away in unseen corners of the mind. Therapeutic, and always so soothing.

(That said, it's been darn long since I've done any swimming hahah. Scuba diving's about the closest thing to it right now.)

b.muse said...

Yup same! Don't you just love the tranquility? :)

Wow, you actually dive more than you swim?! Champion.. Haha. :p