Thursday, July 06, 2006

rainy day cravings

These yummies are almost-guaranteed to please this bemused soul on one of those chilly rainy days: (any one, though not ALL at once of course! :p)

1. The simplest joys - spicy cup noodles
The easiest way to satisfy my cravings. Was a horribly unhealthy undergrad in hall days, when this was practically a staple!

Above two are my all-time fav flavours:

1. Nong Shim 'Shin' Korean Cup Noodles (Spicy Mushroom)
2. Nissin Spicy Seafood - closely behind are the Tom Yam Seafood and Chilli Crab.
2. Bak Kut Teh
The teo chew in me finds this irresistible - there are actually two versions, the dark one (sweeter with dark soya sauce) and the clear one (with a more distinct peppery taste). I personally prefer the clear one.
Oh, used to be a fav post-clubbing supper (if I ever have supper) too! *misty eyed*

3. Sukiyaki!!

Heh, actually any form of steamboat will do fine. But this one just looks divine, no? ;)

4. Tom Yum Seafood Soup

Ok, by now guess it's pretty obvious tat I have a weakness for seafood and spice. Again this comes in two versions - the super-red-from-chilli-oil one and the deceptively-innocent-looking clear one. I like the latter - especially the ones by Thai Express and Simply Thai (oh, they do a wicked Thai Beef Noodle too!) *slurps*

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