Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Out of office this morning: my brain.


On my way to work, sleepily groped for my mobile for daily morning keep-awake ritual of sms-ing. Only thing is that my dear hp wasn't in its usual corner. Or any other corner in my bag. Cos absent-minded me had left it on my bed this morning while getting ready for work. Then happily skipped trudged out of the house without it.

Another of those classic bemusedtots things I do. Wat a klutz I can be sometimes! *rolls eyes* Maybe I should be called sotongtots instead. :p

Now feeling lost and a teeny bit blue without my main means of communicating with my contacts.

And so it's a day of MIA for bemusedtots, and her brain.



Anonymous said...

i'd feel so crippled without my phone!

b.muse said...

Yeah tell mi about it. Been feeling out of sorts the entire day!

It's during such times that I realise just how much I'm phone-dependent. :p