Monday, July 10, 2006

awful experience part 2.. :p

10 July 2006 - A family of five is suspected of murdering a chocolate cake (photo on the left) right in the middle of their kitchen on Saturday night, after which they proceeded to cut it up and dispose of most of the pieces.

Remains of the said chocolate cake was found in the fridge of a 5-room HDB flat this morning. Believed to have been cut into 6 pieces, the rest of the body are nowhere to be seen and currently search efforts are ongoing. The murder weapon is believed to be a white plastic knife, found in the garbage in the flat, just a few metres away from where the body was discovered. Investigations point to a high likelihood that the 5 missing pieces have been cold-bloodedly devoured by the suspects.

This gruesome crime was possibly committed as a form of sacrificial celebration for the birthday of one of the suspects, which falls on 8 July 2006, the day of the crime. The estimated time of death was estimated to be between 11pm to 12 midnight. This coincides with testimonies from the suspected family's neighbours, of hearing sounds of 'Happy Birthday' singing coming from the unit, followed by clapping and laughing as the family carried out their cruel act and delighted in it.

The Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Chocolate (SPCC) expressed great shock and mourns the loss of the deceased, which was believed to have been under the employment of a local company, Awfully Chocolate. Sadly, it had only worked at said company as a Chocolate Cake for a day when it met this dismal fate.

Fellow co-workers who came into contact with the deceased were horrified when told of the crime. A Chocolate Banana cake described it as a 'jovial fellow who seemed like a nice cake', while a Chocolate Rum&Cherry cake also said it was a 'genuine cake which was not overtly sweet, and was thus well-received'.

The crime appeared to be carefully orchestrated and planned, as one of the family members, 25-year-old elder daughter bemusedtots, had made reservations to engage the services of the deceased earlier in the day. She returned to the shop located in Katong Mall in the evening to collect the chocolate cake, this time accompanied by the other daughter, 18-year-old blame-less. That was the last time the deceased was seen. Crime Investigation experts deduced that bemusedtots could be the mastermind, while the other 4 members of her family are her accomplice.

Investigations are ongoing, and police urge all who may have information of the crime to contact them as soon as possible to help in the investigations of this murder case.

- FP (Frivolous Press)


Anonymous said...

opps.. there's a mistake in the report. the murder weapon was last found with the rest of the utensils. no fingerprints was found on the carefully cleaned white plastic knife...

*evil luffs*


b.muse said...

Haha oh yah, forgot that mummy keeps everything. :p

Anonymous said...

lolx.. ya.. as usual ma.. keke...