Tuesday, April 25, 2006


My latest self-indulgence, after eyeing it for eons.

Result of a hedonistic whim last evening. Hah. :p

Blush by Marc Jacobs.

Like shoes and bags for others, scents is my fetish weakness. Have a collection for different occasions, moods and weather. Yup, I have ideas about whether one is for work, play, clubbing, dinner etc etc. Currently my inventory prob comes to about 10? But in my defense, most are miniatures (not rich enuff to get all for actual size)! Though I did not include the "Body Shop"esque body sprays. Hmm. :p

Ever since my staple
Ralph Lauren Romance ran out, have been contemplating to get another bottle, or try something new for my 'light' scent. And this caught my fancy during one of my recce. Finally caved in and bought it.

Knowing that payday's jus round the corner was the final push. Heehee.

So today started on a happy topnote. =)


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