Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Sweet Valentine's

A greeting for all, on this lurvely day:

And in case you were wondering, NO, that's not something I received. Haha.

Even way back in sec sch, V-day (also known as Friendship Day) was a sweet sweet affair, as I remember that's the innocent days of giving nice gifts and little notes/cards to close frens. Remembered that Feng used to make nice candies to give us, and we'd go on our indulgent girly dates after school - a tradition that lasted thru JC and Uni days too. :)

Today was another candied V-day - a colleague who's leaving bot us a slice of yummy Secret Recipe choc cake each. Mmm.. Sinful indulgence! :p Another newly-wed colleague was surprised with a HUGE bouquet that's almost her size by her loving hubby. Such marital bliss! =) and blessed me received several greetings from close ones throughout the day too.

Really feeling the love in the air.. *smiles*


Jayce said...

I remember those days :) We had so much fun!! And remember the first year in TJ? the love web or something like that, that was so funny :p

Sorry didn't get anything for you this year, I'm still down with flu, what a V day :(

b.muse said...

It's ok, we'll see each other on Sun. And your company will be good enuff. =)

Take care dear.. :p