Thursday, February 23, 2006

Should I.. Or shouldn't I?

Object of my lust:

Haha, in case u haven't already figured out, the main draw for me is of course the aesthetics - isn't it just so so pretty? (Yar, I admit, I'm a tech-bimbo. Just like how I would choose a hp! :p)

Plus my PC's demise. Finally coming terms to the fact that it's probably beyond hope. So you see, it's not jus a matter of wants.. I do really need to get a comp! And thought a laptop would be nice. Can lug it out when I feel like it too! Hee.

And also since iBook's actually not as ex as I thought. Hmm, seriously contemplating..

Only reservation is: Having been a PC user my entire life, will it be hell to adjust to?? :p

Advice please! =)



Little Miss Snooze said...

its easy to switch. no worries abt that. in fact, for first few days, i keep using the apple commands on PC.

Hmm...shld i sell u my ibk so i can upgrade to a powerbk? :P

b.muse said...

Thanks for sharing! Yup read up on some reviews, which said pretty much the same thing. :)

Haha, u planning to get powerbk?? :P Can, I buy your iBook for half price? Haha.

Jayce said...

I like it for its looks too.. hee.. but practicality wise, gotta note the weight, you can cry lugging a heavy laptop around. And by experience, your laptop will weigh heavier and heavier as the day comes to an end.