Thursday, February 02, 2006


To see DHS make the front page of Zaobao - media coverage for their CNY celebrations!?


I'm deeply impressed - their PR must be damn strong. Why? Well, it's not exactly a common occurrence for a sec sch CNY celebration to be featured in the news. I mean, which sch doesn't have CNY program??! And on the FRONT PAGE! Don't play play. More than quarter-page somemore, and the most prominent article, with a HUGE full-color pic. :O I say, must check it out man.

Says that the campus gonna expand to twice its size, in order to accommodate the increased intake for the Integrated Programme students.

Most interesting part of the article for me? Where it says that whilst the current campus undergoes all the expansion work, the temporary campus would be the old RJC campus.

Which is jus blocks away from my workplace now.

Which means Ghim Moh's gonna be flooded by those all-too-familiar Dunmanians.


Somehow I just cannot picture those geeky white and navy blue figures in this vicinity. You know, whenever I encounter Dunmanians on the streets these days, I still cringe in horror that I used to look like that. Definitely not one of the best memories. Haha.

So I can't imagine seeing them everyday come year-end, which is when they would be moving over. *wince*

I see the impending fate of Ghim Moh --> Nerdsville! :P

Hmm, actually, considering what the previous campus was, I suppose it already is. Haha.


Anonymous said...

haha.. so cool ar? den u will see ur beloved discipline master.. heez.. and all the below kneecaps skirts plur ur almost transparent white top.. *winkz*

b.muse said...

Bahh. Shut up, CCHS nerd. :p

Wah, good thing you reminded me - He retired liao! So that's something for me to be thankful for! Hahahaha.

Jayce said...

Haha.. the transparent tops are not our fault leh, that comes from wearing the shirt for 4 years..

And maybe it facilitates our beloved ex-discipline master's "desire" to control what we wear inside? :Þ

b.muse said...

*shudders at the thought*

Ha, guess we'll never noe.. :p