Monday, January 23, 2006

Quality Time

Went for a jog-cum-dinner date with my dear sis last Thurs.

It was my second attempt at running to ECP from my neighbourhood park via the Siglap Park Connector. The first try was not too successful as me and jogging kaki veered off-course but still managed to navigate to said destination. This time was more successful, though I still maintain that the signages need more work lar - there was this stretch where we just seemed to run on forever, no signs at all that we were on the right track. It was only when we were reaching that the signages reappeared, whereby we heaved a HUGE sigh of relief. (Imagine if you jogged for so long only to realise you were in the wrong direction! Gulp.)

The jog itself was therapeutic, cos after having not run for weeks, I decided that it would be wise to go at a slow pace, so was not too tough to manage. Poor sis was flabbergasted that she had to stop in between though, which was quite a devastation I think, considering that her fitness level used to be pretty high, what with her being in the Outdoor Activities Club back in her JC times. :p

All nicely flushed from the run, we then proceeded to replenish the burnt calories at Mac's. Haha. In contrast to the usual hustle when I'm there on weekends, ECP Mac's on a thursday night was quiet and deserted, meaning we managed to get a nice booth seat and enjoy a peaceful meal. Nice.

Getting to appreciate such quality time with my sis more and more. =)

We have come a long way to be where we are now. Didn't used to be this close when we were younger. Sibling rivalry built up a wall between us, with me resenting her being pampered on by my parents, while she suffered the pressure of having to live up to standards I set academically. It didn't help that stubbornness and pride would prevent each other from backing down first when we had our one-too-often squabbles. Girly pettiness indeed!

Over the years, however, this wall had been slowly but steadily disintegrated, as we grew older and more mature. Now I like to think we are pretty close, like buddies yet different, cos being family meant that there will always be all these little details about you that only they will know. And it also means that you tend to share the same quirky tots too! Of course, it helps that despite our differences, we are actually very similar in certain characteristics as well - which as we have concluded, were inherited from our dear parents. Hah.

Always feel thankful for the way things are now, especially when reminded of the fact that while you can choose your frens, you just don't have that freedom with family.

I am indeed blessed. =)

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