Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Dinner Date!

Looking forward to a guaranteed-splendid date tonite - With a nice comforting dinner, followed by shopping and running a special errand for my dear sweetie-pie. =) An evening of relaxing company that has not much of an agenda, very much subject to my own whims and fancy. No worries about awkward silences or misunderstandings, or trying to predict and anticipate moods.. Utterly fuss free and indulgent!

At the moment, I'm craving a light but satisfying dinner either at Cedele or Soup Spoon, then a fantastic aimless quality time with my fabulous date. In a peaceful and happy mood jus tinking about it.

Heh, for all mystified and curious about who my date's gonna be.. Tat's for mi to know and you to figure out! Haha *hyper mode* ;)

Let's see if I feel kind enuff to enlighten u guys on this mystery date. Heehee.


Jayce said...

So happy that I can guess correctly who's the date :p I like to go out with that person too ;)

b.muse said...

I'm so happy that you guessed correctly too!! *hugs* Good to know that some things nv change, like how we can still instinctively sense each other's thoughts sometimes.. :)

Hee oki will arrange for you to meet.. I know for a fact that person would love to go out with u too! ;)