Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Happy to say that the weekend indeed turned out quite nice. :)
To start with, dinner at Wenxin was great! Thanks to her helpful instructions, Xin n I managed to navigate there without getting lost, and she thoughtfully waited till we were on our way to start on the calamari so we can have nice warm dinner. A scrumptious spread of black pepper pork, teriyaki salmon, butter mushrooms and fried calamari = yummylicious! Though the babe was unsatisfied with the look of the calamari (we got cheated by the same stupid online recipe! :p), typical of her usual perfectionist standards, must say that Xin n I really appreciated the effort and dinner was really good! This was followed by a healthy round of vege & fruit juice, after which virtuous-feeling us proceeded to polish off a huge pack of Kettle Chips (onli Kexin n I were the gluttons here, Wenxin either had powerful restraint, or jus din like the taste. Hee) and almost half her pirated "wu hua guo" (oops) while yakking thruout the show. Hahaha. So typical. We left her place at 11 plus, after which mi n Xin separately went home. I was so tired that I concussed within secs of hitting the sack! Oink. :p

Sat started on a wholesome note, spent most part of the day lazing and nua-ing happily.. It's been ages since I had a totally free Sat, no work or tuition! Indeed a welcome break, and got to chat with my soulmate cos Xuan called to rattle about some non-consequential stuff. Thanks babe, for always making the effort to catch up.. Promise will call u more when I get Worldcard k.. Still haven gotten round to it! *hugs* miss u lots!! Had a short run in the evening as an attempt to ease my guilt over the prev night's indulgences, onli to ruin it all with a clubbing session with Xin. :p Bumped in Polar & co. at O Bar, where we finally had a more satisfying clubbing session! Seems like ages man.. The music was pretty good, the crowd pretty amusing to watch. Heh. Felt good to dance the night away.. Really miss that! The best part was that din really get any creepy fly encounters. ;) All in all, it was a good nite of chionging. *beams*

Sunday was then spent in very much a daze. :p Caught Shanghai Knights on TV at night, which was quite entertaining.. Cute in the way they weave various characters in, like Charlie Chaplin, Sir Arthur Conan Dyle (hmm tink spell wrongly liao.. :p), John Wayne!? Another do-nuting cosy rainy day.. =)

The best part about Mondays for my job is u have no time for the blues, cos the better part of the day is taken up trying to go thru a HUMONGOUS stack of papers from the weekend for the Daily Media Report - scanning for relevant articles, summarising, highlighting, compiling.. Only managed to breath and go for lunch at 2pm! But lunch was nice nice.. The Ghim Moh Food Centre is really not bad, so far everything I've tried all quite good. And there's quite a variety too. Happy.. Hee.

Meeting Xianhe for dinner soon at HV: Our "first date"! Haha, as in seriously the first time we jio-ed each other out alone. Looking fwd to more to come.. =)

Glad that a nice weekend has carried forward to a great start to the week... :)

New favourite: Twinings Earl Grey - Soothing comfort for cramps, smells divine too!


Jayce said...

Ghim Moh market, think there's this stall ran by a old couple, their chee chong fun is very nice!! orr kueh also very nice!! must try.

*jealous* I also wanna go holland v on date with u guys :p

b.muse said...

Yea we should.. when u get more free girl, promise! =) Or we can go find u oso. ;) Ooh oki shall try the chee cheong fun some day. tink I noe which 1 u tokking abt. :)