Saturday, September 10, 2005

Gals nite out! =)

Finally a post with some pics. =)

Another of those impromptu clubbing sessions that was totally unplanned for.. One boring Sat evening when I was stoning my way home on the train, Ying called and jio mi to meet up with her and Sharon who were rotting at Bugis. So, ended up joining them to make 3 bored gals.. :p Was already 9 plus when we met and while I was having a late dinner, we proceeded to contemplate how to while our Sat night away. Being usual boring Singapore, possible choices were limited - KTV or clubbing. And since poor Sharon has been going KTV so much that she's pretty sick of it, plus she just got membership at Momo, the decision seems almost foregone. Haha. Definitely fine with mi, esp since I actually have been tinking of checking out this supposed hippest club of the moment, just somehow never got round to it..

Anyway, me was super un-glam (in a frumpy mood that day.. Of all days, this MUST happen on the ONE day i dun really bother to dress up) so we made a lame attempt to shop for some club-wear at 10pm in Parco. Well, not surprisingly, din meet with much success, since most of the shops were closed. And since it was relatively early (in clubbing terms), Ying kindly agreed to send mi home to glam up so we can all look nice and gorgeous for the partying ahead. Well or else i'll prob look like their maid or something, since the two of them were dressed up nicely already. :P Took ages to get to my place as the entire stretch of Eunos Link was jammed due to road works, but finally got there, and the 2 pretty ladies patiently waited for mi to dash upstairs for a quick change. Initially wanted to go along their dress code of mini skirt, but felt fat and settled for my usual clubwear of black halter and pants. Also lent Sharon a black top so she could show off her newly acquired necklace which clashed horridly with her sporty green top. So there, we were all looking pretty pretty. Heh.

By the time we reached Momo, it was already near 11. NOT cos I took so long to dress oki.. It was the traffic! :p there were 2 queues, one for non-member guests and the other was VIP/members. And the funny thing was that the supposed priority queue was much longer than the normal regular queue! *scratch head* Interesting huh... Well at least we got in free, since Sharon can sign in 2 guests. =)

The entire club was super packed! Together with the added fact that the place was the former SOS / MW2, really had that feeling that I was back in those Uni bash days! Was hit by a wave of nostalgia wading thru the crowd.. I miss Xuan! Anyways, the place looked better now, esp the nice nice Ladies.. Complete with pics of delicious hunks on the cubicle doors, and even huge comfy couches to sit and rest our tired feet! The lighting was soft and flattering so we had fun taking pics with Sharon's phone cam. Girls will be girls.... ;) However, my loyalties still lie with Newsroom Ladies as my favourite restroom.. It still wins hand down with its spaciousness, abundant cubicles, full length mirrors and lockers! Haha.

All in all it was a considerably fun night, only thing is that drinks were so ex, and the DJ was really confused! He cant seem to make up his mind wat to play, so had to put up with random segments of Hip Hop, RnB, Trance, House, Pop, Techno.. A bit duh. And also the place was a tad too packed for comfort.. In fact the only redeeming thing was the fantastic company. Oh, and was also amused at groups of "flies" who were hovering near and behind us while we were happily dancing and lazing at the bar, but never got up the nerve to chat with us, just pathetically buzzing around in proximity. Maybe hoping we would chat them up?! Haha, no such chance, more than happy to ignore while convulsing with evil laughter in my mind. Oops, the bitchy side of mi.. Well, there were this bunch of cute guys who came and tokked to us, though they were so obviously so young la.. Still in the army lor. Haha. But well, for a few minutes at least there was some eye candy. Eventually we made a move first, cos the music simply cannot make it, and we were craving for supper. So it's prata at Geylang. The supper was good.. prata and maggie goreng, which turned out to be sinful but satisfying. Then it was home sweet home. Not that bad, reached home at 3 plus, which is considered early! (once again, in clubbing terms)

Hmm, overall conclusion: It was a good night out. Just simple fun time with my gal frens. *grins*

And here're some pics we took!

Ying & Mi outside Momo.. Passed by this red wall with a nice lamp and hiao us happily posed there. ;)

This was taken in the Ladies I was gushing about. =)

Three hot babes! ;p

My two partners in crime..

We couldn't resist one last shot. Heehee.

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