Monday, August 15, 2005

Truths about Mummy Dearest that I Love

My mother is a great inspiration to me. To me, she is the most amazing woman in my life. Ok, I suppose a lot of it comes from the fact that she's the first person I come into contact with since birth, but the fact is that a lot of the admiration and love comes from qualities I was only able to appreciate more and more as I grow older.

1. The strength of her character.
She is truly awesome. I've seen her gone thru great setbacks, devastations and various situations whereby no one would blame her if she had just broke down or pack up and left. Yet, again and again, she showed incredible strength in pulling herself together and facing the problem headon, emerging victorious with graceful dignity. Through it all, she never considered forsaking us, or vented her anger, sadness and frustrations on us.

2. The way she brought me up.
Granted we had our fair share of difficult times, and I will sheepishly confess to not being the model daughter many a times. But I love the way she would always give me the freedom to decide what I want for myself. So appreciate it especially when I can see her struggle many times with her own opinions on my decisions, but still gave in and encourage me to take on things which I really want, even though she's not really for the idea personally. Somehow, she has always trusted me to make my own decisions about my life. And I feel so blessed about this especially when I see those around me who have had parents try to mould or direct their lives.

3. How she instilled self-discipline in us.
Remembered a conversation some years back with Xuan, where we marvelled at how our mums have the uncanny ability to make us feel more terrible without any scolding or reprimand when we did some wrong. I also admit that I hated the rules and controls she imposed on me when I was a teenager, but on hindsight, all that really did me good. :p

4. Her funky logic and ponderings, which I inherited
Haha, those close to me will be no stranger to the weird and whimsical thoughts and theories I've been known to spout. Well, here's the source! And this inherited trait has also incidentally bonded my sis and I in recent years, building up this amazing connection between us that I like to tink is unique to us.. I would never trade it for the world. =)

5. Her passion and zest for life
She can be a model of lifelong learning. Mum is endlessly exploring new interests, or learning new skills and knowledge. Her love for life in so evident when she can juggle multiple roles as the main provider of the family, being a mother and being a friend, which culminates in a hectic schedule already, and yet still find time to attend various courses and classes either to improve herself, or to explore an interest. She definitely puts me to shame, when I consider the trillion and one things I would love to try out but never got round to. :p She is really one person whom I would say lives life to the fullest.

Kudos to you, Mum.

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