Saturday, August 20, 2005


Sometimes I wish life can be easier.. Wouldn't it be nice if I can control it the way I use a PC? That if some person or event irks me so much that I dun even wanna remember it, I can just click on it, and delete it. "Would you like to delete this from your memory permanently?" Imagine the satisfaction from clicking "Yes" to that!! Or how about after a real horrid day or week, at the worst of a relationship or friendship, we can just "ctrl-alt-del" and restart everything on a fresh new slate? Wouldn't that be a great option? Haha, will be like those adventure game books we play when we were kids, if you choose option A, go to page X. If you choose option B, go to page Y. Then can keep on trying different endings then cheat and choose the best one! Keke. That's why I take forever to finish those silly books last time. :p

But then again, if I really can choose to have all these options, dun tink I will really use them. Granted that there're always unsavoury people or s**t happening.. But tat's life, isn't it? I am who I am cos of all the things that happened to me. Would probably be a different person leading a different life if I had taken a different path at any one point. Makes me tink of this show called "Butterfly Effect", which plays around with this idea. I was utterly fascinated by the show, though my frens found the plot sucky. Same goes for one of my fav movies, "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind". Loved the ending.. Where the two leads realise that they may very well end up hating each other still eventually, but still chose to be together. Again. Hmm, a bit hard to explain.. You must watch the show to know wat I mean.. I have the DVD though, so interested ppl can loan from me.. ;-)

Started the day real early feeling melancholic and broody. Maybe cos of a bittersweet, poignant onslaught of memories, and ponderings of "what if"s and "if only"s.. It's been a not-so-great week for me, and everything just seems to build and pile up.. Not really helping that I'm exceptionally emotional due to biological reasons.. =l Oh well, hope this week ends on a better note. Gonna help with Hall D&D tonite, and looking forward to it.. Hope everything goes well! *fingers crossed* Hown.. I miss hall life!!! Also, getting Xin to help me.. Actually no need but tink will be fun if she's there with me. Hehe... First time we doing an event together! =) oops okie, can see my mood happily having fun on a swing? :p

Another day when my tots go haywire... Blame it on my erratic sleep patterns and PMS. Bleahs..


Jayce said...

We always had the same taste in movies.. I love Butterfly effect too, it's great great show!! some people cant see beyond the show and understand the implications..

Hmm.. haven finished watching Eternal Sunshine though.. must go find time and finish the show.. ^.^

Anonymous said...

soriee dear. din noe u were so looking forward to me at ur event. shld haf told me so. i'd definiteli appear. i'm sure there'll be other chances. our event company in future, heh! :p hope the event turned out good :)